Multiform has been designed to be a versatile modular system to create formwork and access solutions to complex structures, whilst providing heavy load capacities and ensuring safety is provided at all times.

Its versatility allows for its use in many different applications in the Civil / infrastructure sectors to the commercial and residential sectors, whilst providing a high-quality concrete finish. Some of its uses include –

  • Large and complex Piers
  • Wall Formwork
  • Climbing Formwork
  • Single Sided Formwork
  • Abutment Formwork
  • Headstock Formwork
  • Slab Falsework
  • Bridge Deck Falsework
  • Parapet Access Brackets
  • Mobile Curb Access Trollies
  • Large Cantilever platforms
  • Tunnel Forms
  • Perimeter Screens
  • Facade Retention
  • Propping